Nuts for nuts

Been trying to try some new and interesting nut recipes!

Hubby got on a spinach salad kick, but wanted to have the glazed walnuts too. I bought some and then discovered that was pretty expensive so i looked up how i could make my own…  and found a recipe on my favorite crockpot recipe, which makes it even even better!

Candied Walnuts


–2 T butter (I use salted)
–2 cups walnut halves
–1/4 cup brown sugar
The Directions:
Plop everything into your crockpot and cook on high for an hour. After an hour, mix the nuts with a wooden spoon all around the yummy gooeyness. Dump it all out onto parchment paper and let is solidify. Break them apart after they harden.
Note: longer than an hour and it turns into hard carmelly type stuff, so don’t do that.