Panorama Point – Corwina Park

Took a hike with the pups today!

3 miles total round trip – out and back

I found this little ditty from another local denver hiker – Jennifer – Trails and Park Reviews.

And the cool map came from this blog about local day hikes!

Since it was a pretty warm day and hubby wasn’t that interested in the 6.2 mile hike I had chosen in boulder, we headed south west for this small park just a little west of Lair o the Bear.

This seemed like a doable hike – but be warned – it was ALL UP!!!  Only 1.5 miles each way but at least 1ooo feet elevation gain – or it felt like it!

The main trail is a hiker only trail – which is super fabulous – since mountain bikers seem to never clump up and just keep coming and coming and just when you get back to hiking – another one comes. It happened to much on last weekend’s hike that paco now knows to get off the trail when he hears the word “BIKE”!

So this trail is mostly hiker only – except for maybe 500 feet to go between the trail from the parking lot and the trail to the point!

The only time you ever see the name of the trail is actually when you hit that middle part! The hike from the parking lot has no name!

It was a pretty warm day, around 85 or so, but better than denver which was at 95 or so!

The boys were panting pretty early on and luckily are now pretty good at drinking out of my camel back hose! I know, for non-dog people that’s gross, but for me, it’s much easier than getting out their bowl (aka yogurt cup with a hole poked in it, and a zip tie in a circle that i hang off my camelback!)

We finally got the top and it was georgous. You can still see plenty of population and houses and hear the cars on the roads below, but still – quite a view and definitely worth the effort!

On the way back down we decided to try “booties” on the boys to see how they did with some protectorate on their sensitive toes!

We had purchased a tyvek kind at petsmart yesterday. Unfortunately they wore thru in less than a mile. But we did get to see that they eventually got comfortable with “things” on their feet!

Paco seemed to think he was indestructible and was running as far off the trail and into the underbrush as he could get – it was pretty funny!

It’s definitely an under utilized hike, which was nice! We were the third car in the lot at 10am! But the Lair o the Bear lot was packed as we drove by.

This hike starts from the second Corwina Lot, it’s on the left side about 1/2 mile past the first Corwina Lot.