Silver Dollar Lake Hike

We try to get in a hike on the 4th of July each year. I like the idea of it and usually it’s a good day to find altitude and cooler temps!

This year the 4th was a Wednesday and hubby and I only had that day off – so we treated it like just that – a free day. Nothing expected, nothing to stressful, just a free day!

I’ve been wanting to do Silver Dollar Lake Trail for probably 2 years if not more. It is close to Guanella pass so the temps are at least 20 to 25 degrees cooler than denver, which is great on 100 degree days but not for 70 degree days in the early spring. Some of the other posts regarding the hike indicated that snow was still there when they did the hike in july and they were right!

There was one spot where the trail was still about 20 feet of snow field to cross, always a hoot in the summer!

This is our hike! I used a new program cause MapMyHike wouldn’t load this trip. Sigh. This one was from WalkTracker – free at starbucks the other week! What i didn’t realize was that there are settings that default to “often” – so my program was letting me know every 5 minutes how little i was moving. Gotta love it!

Here was the real map from the trail head – notice the tiny indicator that this parking lot is not the trail head…

All in all it was a great hike, it was 70-75 degrees, such a great temp for hiking!

We had some amazing scenery! A private lake and the destination lake!

The hike was advertised at a 3 mile hike, 1.75 each way  (yes, i know that math is off)- but if you don’t read the fine print on the sign, it’s another .25 to the real trail head all up a logging road. Ah well – we got in a good 5 miles and it felt great! The wild flowers were still in bloom – HUGE columbines and tons of other kinds. So pretty! We wished we had brought a lunch and maybe a book to sit and enjoy the lake! Next time!


  • Bathroom – stop at guanella pass campground and go there.
  • Trail head, spitting distance from guanella pass on the right, proceed up the dirt road to the real parking lot, there is also a mini parking lot thru that one if it is full.
  • Mountain lakes are in the mountains, bring a second layer and a rain coat – storms can come in fast
  • To get there – follow your nav, not other sites directions, basically take Rose till it ends at the end of Georgetown and take Guanella Pass road – up up up! Road has been re-done so getting up there is really pleasant these days!