The garage floor gets painted – finally!

When we bought this house back in 2007 we bought a set of epoxy floor paint. We had planned on getting it done right after we moved it, but it was december, and it was cold and pretty much the day we moved in, it started to snow and we needed to get the cars inside!

(we went with the gray and the blue – the above picture is for the tan one)

We had done the floor in the last house for my pottery studio, and it was a breeze, and it was cute!

We finally got around to getting this house done, a mere 5 years late! And I also got to play with the power washer – woot!!

I did what i consider to be the fun part, the the … damnit, the cleaning part! I must have been tricked! But it was a hoot and super fun!

Hubby got to mix up the paint!

Then we started painting ourselves into the house. We only went as far as the first car, mainly because the rest of the garage has a lot of stored stuff and we didn’t feel like moving it!

As the hubster was painting and as he cruised along…  i got to sprinkle the no slip paint chips! Woot! I love that part!

The bad part – we didn’t read till we were done that it takes 7 days for a garage floor to cure… doh.

So we had to move the car around the neighborhood to keep from getting a ticket and stay away from the hail!

All in all it looks great! (note: don’t try and do touch ups the next day – it looks funny and doesn’t blend)

We have an easy to clean floor now and it’s pretty!