Beaver Brook -> Chavez Trail Loop

Sunday the hubby and the pups and I headed just outside of Denver in Golden.


The info i read sounded like we could do a look – but the map and the information available at the trail head was less than useful.

  • Total Mileage: 4.2 miles
  • Total Time: 2 hours 10 minutes

This was listed as a well shaded hike! Since it was 90 degrees, it seemed like a good option.

Turns out it isn’t “well” shaded, but definitely shaded!

There was also a post listing that there was a “a major elevation drop” and we laughed at how it said an 800 foot elevation change was a big deal. Well guess what campers – it is!! We definitely weren’t laughing by the end of moving thru those 800 feet, again, and again!

We missed he fact that when we pulled into the parking lot that the Chezar Chavez trail was on the other side. That little tiny details would have made the hike much much more enjoyable for 2 worry worts like the hubby and I!

The wind wooshing thru the trees was an amazing sound and watching the pups enjoy the multiple stream crossings were definitely the hi-lights!

There is a good amount of shade, but nothing helps a 90+ degree day at high noon!

The scenery and water was a really great bonus and definitely would have been a super great hike if we knew we would end up where the car was!

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