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First Hike of the Season!

Bald Mountain Scenic Area

Our hiking book said it was 1.5 mile hike. It was only a 1.12 mile hike,  a pretty short hike compared to what we expected to be a short hike! I’m pretty sure it took us longer to drive to Boulder than it took to do the hike, but we wanted a short hike for our first one of the season! Hubby and the pups and i head off on our quick adventure! The trail is pretty clear and well maintained. The right – Pines to Peak circles around and into the top, while the left is a quick up to the top There was a number of burn areas, but a lot of re-growth We attempted a family photo at the top – alas…  we only got parts of each of us! The view at the top is pretty. The boys did well although they did get a bit hot, which was funny… since it was not as hot as it should have been.  
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Way to ease yourself back it! It sounds pretty beautiful, albeit short!

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