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Climb for Air

My third year of hiking my sorry butt up 56 flights – all to support the american lung association! It is my kind of race, start early and it’s over quick!! I could make a crude comparison, but i wont go there! Tee hee! This year i didn’t join my usual suspects for the race, since i was hoping my alumni association would be interested in a community event. Alas – they were not and i was a team of… 1! Anyhoo – with hubby in tow, i arrived bright and early to climb this building! He is a good support team – he holds my stuff, cheers me on with a kiss, and has a cup of coffee for when it is over! Woot! This year i had grand hopes of beating my time from 2 years ago! Alas i was slower than even last year. Ugh. I did it in 14 minutes flat. Yup right on the nose. I think it might have been cause it was an under attended race, compared to other years, so i was able to do the “course” with no-one else around – which also meant no-one pushing me, besides my sound track on my ipod, and no-one to reach for ahead of me. I’m still happy with the fact that i did it and i’m thinking of expanding my race area – there is one to the top of the stratosphere in vegas – 108 stories – talk about a butt kickin’. And there is one in San Diego that i might do at the end of the this month if my work travel puts me there for that day! I climb because i can, i climb for my parents, i climb for the ability to continue to be able to breath, clean and clear!
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