Cooking snap peas

Lately i’ve been trying to get more veggies in my diet and i “cheated” by just getting a costco veggie tray – making 6 indicidual tupperwares and enjoying my veggies along the week!! I would actually do a little happy dance when i was eating my “bucket” of veggies!

Also in that costco veggie tray were snap peas.

I don’t really like snap peas, the texture and flavor was anh…  so i decided to take a gander on the net and see how best one could cook them up

I followed the insturctions (for some reason i only put the head on med high – so it took a long time to boil! hahaha)

I did the 2 min boil, removed, added some chipotle oil, some seasoning salt and some garlic powder! (same as i do for edamame)

And wow! Loved them!!

Another veggie i like!