Shoshone Falls

When i was planning our trip out to the in-laws for Christmas i tried to find some place interesting and new!

With time limits and drive times, possible snow routes, puppie travel illness etc…

I found Twin Falls – and the “Niagara of the Midwest” and knew i just HAD to see it!

There was some doubt if we should make the time or if it would be open as we started our trip. Turned out hubby and i caught a cold and we decided to turn our 3 day meander into a 2 day – let’s get the hell there and rest!!

We decided to do the second day of the trip full out- but also take 1 hour to see this place!

Boy am I glad we did! The snake river area is AMAZING!!

The mist from all the falls left a sheer coating of ice on just about everything, and the dogs were a little unsure of this crazy place we had brought them! But it was really cool to see!

On the way there we crossed over a gigantic bridge and stopped at a “historic” view point.

It was a really great side trip!