On demand yule log

At home we don’t have “real tv”. We do hulu and downloads and itunes and apple tv and stuff like that.

Being some place with “on demand” is kinda weird. Last weekend my friend Kim and I wanted to catch up on our missing harry potter movies! Pretty sure it was part 1 and 2 of the hallows. Well – this on Demand thing had every harry pottery – BUT – part 1 ….  really? part 1 was missing?

Long story short i found part 1, in all 3 version – blue ray, regular dvd and digital as Best Buy for $10. More than i hoped to pay, but i got it and we finally finished the series that we started together (AGES ago), yup we finished it together!

While i was checking out this on demand thing, i came across some season items – including an “on demand” fire place! Cracked me up so much!

Wanna come get warm by my TV?

Tee hee!