Kitchen stuff for mxas!

Since hubby I will not be at home for Christmas, we decided to do it early. I asked for and received a number of wonderful kitchen goodies!

An egg slicer – been wanting this baby for years! A rolling pin with auto thin-ness measuring disks, a cake froster, some more glass measuring cup – they always wear off in the dishwasher! and…  a dutch oven!!


The dutch oven was something new hubby and i decided we needed to try. We have friends that have a baby one and bring it camping and make wonderful yummies on the fire. We’ll be attempting wonderful – less butter and less cheese (they tend to add flavor in ways my big old bootie can’t handle) cooking light recipes in the oven and on the stove top! So far i have found a spicy orange beef recipe and intend to spend much of our road trip searching for delicious things to try! Now i just need to be home and work from home to cook up these 1-5 hours dishes!

If anyone has any favorites for the dutch oven, let me know!