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Basic and easy shrimp!

Where on earth did the time go?? It is December, really, December?? Yowza! Recently i’ve been spending a bit of time on business in a corporate apartment. It is DAMN hard to “cook” or plan recipes when your staples, standards, and your “stuff” isn’t with you!! I did buy a camping spice container set so i could bring some of home with me…  Alas i was still missing something every time i went to cook. I went to Target and got a Crock pot! (i have plans for this bad boy!) While i was there, i found some great deals on mahi mahi fillets and some shrimp! Hello individual sealed fillets, and i learned to “defrost” you can put it in a bowl of water for half an hour. Hello easy and amazing! I also got a bag-o-shrimp and used my fancy basil lemon spices on it!  


Shrimp – in any form you wish to cook it – i do pre-cooked, no tail – yes, folks – that is the laziest! Olive Oil Spice mixture – today is the basil lemon Red Pepper Flakes – to taste!


Squish shrimp – place shrimp in 1 layer on paper towels, put a paper towel on top – place a cutting board on top – and then top with something heavy – leave for 30-60minutes. Put shrimp into a zip lock Pour olive oil and spices in bag – shake to cover. Heat pan, dump shrimp in, cook till desired amount of doneness! Easy, quick and yummy! Another option was the mahi mahi – i rubbed it with olive oil, dusted with my basil lemon spices and seared it up in the frying pan with pam! Yummy! Can’t wait to get home!
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