Another year?

Remember when it too forever for your birthday to arrive. It seems mine arrive faster and faster each year.

This year: It’s a year that ends 9, right before a year that sounds and feels pretty old to me.

I’ve noticed a couple more streaks of white in the front – luckily i’ve seen how it looks on my sister (kinda like stacy london i say)- and i’m waaay to lazy to do anything about it, so i’ll guess i’ll just embrace it!

I’m looking forward to another interesting year.

I’ve got a wonderful hubby

Some amazing pound puppies

A roof over my head, a job, and food in my belly!

Cheers for another decade or 5!



One thought on “Another year?

  1. Aww happy birthday chica! I do remember the days of looking forward to my birthday…wasn’t that a great time of life lol. But yes here’s to another fifty PLUS years!

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