Mt Rubidoux

We were out in Orange County last week and we decided to go out and experience parts of the area that we used to visit or hadn’t visited before.

Friday we were needing to be out in Corona to see a friend’s new brewery, and being princesses about traffic we headed out waaay early!

I saw a cute little hike out in Riverside – Mt Rubidoux, just a 3 mile loop to a giant cross and a peace tower!

We thought it would be easy and fun – it was, but it was also an 80 degree day out in the inland empire, but we were very surprised that we had not found this before and sad that we had live there and had missed this cute little hike that was right in town!

Up up up we go!

We made it!


Here i am!! At the peace tower!

Beautiful sunlight in the trees!

Riverside from the path


It was a relaxing, fun time with the hubby! (if only we had remembered to bring water… oy, being from Colorado and always carrying water with me was weird i didn’t have any)