400 feet up in a balloon!

Every time i would return to Orange County to visit my friend Kim she talked about the Orange Balloon. I was never too excited to, cause i never really understood what it was all about!

Saturday we had a little time before hanging with our friend sunshine and before “the wedding”!

I looked up the Great Park of Orange County. and it looked like something that could be done in an hour or 2.

The balloon is a giant balloon that carries a circular base that can hold up to 30 people, and floats up 400 feet, with a view of the old El Toro air base!

Views were spectacular, but DAMN is it scary to start. I was gripping the sides for deal life, wishing i hadn’t decided to do this, ignoring the hubby when he pointed straight down and said wow, look at that! Eventually I calmed down and enjoyed the view and the fun to be had!

One of the other things there to do was to ride a carousel!

The first thing we did was the time line which was very interesting and weird! It listed from prior to 1930, thru the creation of El Toro, included the bombing of Pearl Harbor and other historical and war related information.

It was a really fun time and i would recommend it to anyone else cruising “the oc”