Bones – cookies

Another find from this or last month’s Family Fun catalog. Who says you need to have kids to enjoy yourself!

I decided to make these yummies and of course only had vanilla almond bark chunks in the house. Sigh. Yeah for target!

I decided to use the mini crock pot to melt the “bark”

FYI – just cause they look they are not melting, don’t be fooled! These bad boys hold their shape like no bodies business!

Next i employed the hubby to create the bones!

It is kinda creepy and weird to smoosh baby marshmallows on the ends of pretzels! The boys enjoyed getting the pretzels that we broke too short!

Next it was team work to coat the bones!

Hubby dropped the bone in the baby crock pot, i smoshed it down to coat then lifted, shook, and placed on the wax paper!

They set up in about 30 minutes!

I started to get a hand cramp holding the fork in that position for so long – but it was definitely a fun project!

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