Fire Alarms and Batteries

I remember way back when, when fire alarms were just that. One 9-volt battery that when it went, the alarm chirped and you wither changed it or it eventually went dead. So be it.

Now, houses are wired up with power back ups etc and ceilings taller than any ladder known to man so you can’t even change the batteries if you wanted to.

The other week, I arrive home to find the pups a little freaked out. One is hiding the other is bouncing around like no-bodies business. Then  i hear it, the chirp. Darn it. Now i have it in my calendar to change the batteries once a year, how did i miss it? Damn it!

I have to head back out with the boys and promptly forget about. It is after all a boy job…

We arrive home after 9pm. Hubby gets the ladder and i go get the batteries. Oh holy mother of 9-volt batteries… we are out. OUT? How can that be – we shop at Costco? Which of course is now closed…

So we stand around the house trying to determine the culprit.

Stand and listen…  waiting… waiting… waiting…


We think we find the offender, and hubby takes it down. And then… CHIRP


We end up taking down all the fire alarms and removing all the batteries. But still the CHIRP….

We are confounded, confused and just want to go to bed. Sigh.

We lock all the downed fire alarms in the garage and close the bedroom door. Ah, ear plugs.

Hubby is tasked with heading to Costco the minute they open and replenishing our 9-volt supply.

Around 8pm that night i get home and as i enter the house i still hear the CHRIP. I’m like – wtf honey?

Then i see he is about to loose his mind..  Apparently the search for the offending fire alarm has not gone well. We wonder if there is one hiding in the ceiling or what…

As we are standing under one of the holes of a downed fire alarm, hubby looks down and goes… hmmm let’s take the batteries out of this Carbon Monoxide Detector that we could never get to work to make sure it’s not this thing…

Well, as you can guess – the CHIRP was from that thing..


It’s kinda funny, but kinda stupid.

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