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Canyon Loop Trail

Finally got back out with the pups and took a nice long hike. Canyon Loop Trail – Betasso Preserve I’ve been wanting to do this hike, but it is only “hikers only” on Saturday’s! The boys were excited to be heading out into the wilderness and couldn’t wait to get out of the car. There was not as much shade as i would have liked for a 90 degree day, but we did ok. We took the clockwise direction, the scenery was great, trail was well groomed, into the woods and out! I think it would be a nice hike in the fall as well, possibly add on the second 3 mile loop and get in an almost 7 mile hike! We’ll see if the pups think it is as great idea as i do!  
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Sounds like an awesome outing! I’m impressed that the pups love it so much!

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