Camping with the Pups

The other weekend i needed some cool breezes and to be able to see water – so i snuck out of work early and packed the pups and hubby in the car and headed to our favorite “close to civilization” camp site for an overnight relaxation!

Definitely pretty sad that when i have to make a run to the Walmart down the road that the hubby can text me the status of our campsite or that we need bug spray!

But hey, you can’t beat the view

It just bring me inner peace, or maybe it’s fresh air or lack of oxygen to my brain at 9K feet??

This camping trip we remembered the boys clothes, their bed, and extra blankets – so we were ready for high altitude!  (40-50 degree nights)

The boys started shivering before the sun even went down. So i had to hold Winston and swaddle him all up.

The hubby says I baby them. I say, whatever. He was cold!

Paco was being a tough man and sitting as far as his little dog run would take him from us, shivering, but still being cool.

The hubby has some adorable pictures of him in all white flowers. Very manly and super cute!

They did pretty good over night and with the camp fire and with the 2 dog runs. They only tied themselves up a bit. Yeah!

The next morning the boys woke us up, and i did the first outing to the rest room – mostly for me, but Paco ponied up too. Then we got back in the room and they were super restless so dad took them back out and started the fire while I went back to sleep (super weird – the only place i can sleep in – is when we camp…  not sure what it is, but i love it and can sleep forever)

After breakfast and enjoying the view we decided to do a hike (a 7 mile death march) and then head home!

The boys did mostly ok. About a mile from the top Winston gave us the f-u and laid down, I carried him for a bit, and then i think he felt embarrassed by all the other dogs so he finished on his own 4 feet!

The alpine lake at the top was fabulous – Mohawk Lake.

It was wonderful day – camping, hiking, eating on the fire!


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