House Projects

We have a roof top deck – last year i stained it all by my lonesome – and bummer – it already needs to be re-done – no thanks to the winter weather and the pups running and diggin on it.

But the best part is enjoying the weather and the view up there!

We cook the majority of our dinners up there during the summer. So to support this endeavor we scoured craig’s list a couple summers ago and obtained a microwave and then a co-worker had an extra baby-fridge that i am “storing” till he needs it.

For all that time we have a book case to store our “crap” with the baby fridge in front of it, with the microwave on it, so we were always kneeling down to deal with whatever. Finally we have earned enough home depot gift cards to do something about it!

We got a nice base cabinet, with plans of also getting a matching top cabinet eventually. We did have to do some “work” to fit the microwave in the base cabinet though. We had to cut some of the back out so the bump on the back would fit and the plug would pass through too! Sure is nice to feel like a grownup with real furniture!

Next thing i really want up there is:

That would be the best – to have a little baby dishwasher up there, so nothing has to come down to be washed! Oh how self sufficient and awesome would that be!

The next big project is re-doing the deck with trex or trex like material! Maybe next summer!


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