Happy Birthday Paco and Winston

Paco and Winston came into our lives back in November. Our little rescue babies!

Who rescued who, is still a mystery!

The details on the pups were sketchy at best and an assumption of their age was off the cuff. So we chose today as their birthday – hoping we would be able to remember it easily since it is also their Auntie’s birthday as well. (Happy Birthday Portia)

It’s been a heck of a ride and it is weird to think of them as being a year old!

We laugh at their antics, their personalities and their own special quirks!

I stopped at the farmer’s market and picked up some special treat for them for their special day! I considered a cake, but their dad was jealous that he would not be able to partake and with their sharing under scrutiny these days, decided not to risk it!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful boys!

To my winston who can walk on his hind legs and to my paco who can get what he wants with a little pout and tiny whine!

Happy Happy Birthday!  (and don’t worry we’ll also celebrate November 14th as their “Forever Home Birthday”

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