Chicken broth

Make your own chicken broth!

ok, so that doesn’t sound hard and it’s not, but i never really thought about doing it, when i did make broth if was for instant soup or something right then. And then you had to baby sit the pot, watch the water and… ugh.

Thanks to A year of slow cooking – i was reminded i could make my own and freeze it for much less.

So every beer-can chicken carcass is now in a freezer bag awaiting it’s turn to be broth. I also read about vegetable broth too and you just save all your end, and peels – just wash everything. So i have bags of animal carcasses and bag of veggie carcasses!

Recently i was able to make over 20 cups of broth. I freeze them in single serving yogurt containers for 1/2 cup, sour cream containers for 1 cup, and big yogurt containers for 3 cup servings. Once fully frozen, i pop out all the little broth-cicles and store in a freezer bag! Works great, i love the ease, and then the other half of the can doesn’t go bad in the fridge when you forget to use it!

Basically i get my giant crock pot, put the carcass in, some of the frozen veggies, fill it with water, turn it on low and let it go for at least 10 hours!

Remove chicken bones and veggie remnants (i use the awesome spider frying asian cooking tool) Cool a bit.

Pour into a stock pot and place in the fridge for at least 12 hours.

I strain mine through paper towels to remove the fat

Then individualize, freeze, store!

I love it!

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