Bread Crumbs

Since I’m getting all jiggy with making my own pantry items and I had some stale bread in the fridge, i decided to try and make my own bread crumbs!

I found a couple sites that explained there was a difference between dry bread crumbs and fresh. And how best to store them.

I don’t think I’m sophisticated enough to know the difference or care…  so I’ve made them and they are currently “airing” to rid any moisture!

I’ll store them in the freezer and try them out when the time comes!

Basics: tear up the bread and put it in the food processor (i had whole wheat hamburger buns, i processed one at a time)

Pulse a couple times

Process at full speed till consistency desired!

Spread out to dry

Store in baggies in the freezer!


One thought on “Bread Crumbs

  1. Super cool. I always tend to just buy bread crumbs even though I know they’re better and cheaper when made at home. But you’ve convinced me that I need to just do it!

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