Successful Craft Day!

Saturday was the day! Craft day!

I invited a bunch of girl friends to come over and enjoy the day doing a craft of their choice! (instead of going to that other event, that was was far away and had specific food requirements)

I was able to produce almost 40 cards!

I have a couple new patterns – the lady bug one, and the tuxedo jacket one. Both look great, but unfortunately for my thumb have a ton of cuts, so there were not too many produced of either kind. (hello sister, got any criquit peices that look like those parts? Maybe the hat or the face? or the shoes? hmmm??)  And i made the graduation card for the nephew – i had to go look up the school colors on line – to make sure i got it right!)

My t-shirt cards, mom asked for a bunch since they were able to be sent to males a little easier than some of my other ones! (I did a purse pattern last time i made a bunch!) I had to kinda re-create the pattern since my notes were pretty bad.

I still have a couple new patters to try – a doggie one and another one that will be a surprise!

I had a jolly good time with the gals, we gossiped, we watched 80’s movies, we drank wine… it was fabulous!

Here was the menu i created for us to dine on:

  • Meatballs and sauce in the crockpot!  Mmmmm

Perhaps I over compensated and went a little crazy in the kitchen! But that is typical and now i think i have enough food in the fridge and freezer to eat brunch for the next couple months!

5 thoughts on “Successful Craft Day!

  1. I have circles – how big? diameter??… What shape are the feet? What colors do you want? I might have tassels… I might even have a graduation cap somewhere…
    Let me look a little later this week when I have 10 minutes to myself.
    Miss you much!!

  2. Aww I’m glad I could inspire those delicious bars! I’ll have to try your version…you’ve got me craving cheesecake now!

    those cards are adorable!

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