Squishin Tofu

Is there a more organic/green way to squish tofu?

Let me back up – for those of you that don’t know or don’t use tofu, generally for the recipes i make tofu is a “meat” substitute – now these recipes are specifically for tofu, but it needs to have a “firm” consistency to hold up during the cooking, frying, etc process.

Even with firm tofu, you still need to squish the water out. Hubby came up with a special way to do it

He starts with 3-4 paper towels and folds them in a special way…

Take the tofu and place it on the paper towels

Then squish

Wait 1 hour, and reveal

Not too clear in the picture is how much water has been soaked up by the papertowels – but they are soaked!!

From here – proceed with your recipe!

So my thought is – we eat tofu probably 1 time a week – so that is a large number of paper towels to get rid of the water.

How does everyone else do this?