I did take my ball and go home!

Update on the “girls weekend” that was turning out to be “the suck”.

After a couple discussions with friends and my mom – i was convinced that i should just pull up my big girl panties and go and have fun.

Not wanting to disrupt the initial friendship that connected me to this gal, i figured i should make the best of it.

My other friend that I was dragging with, was game for whatever I wanted to do – she is such a good sport!

Some emails were exchanged with the gal setting up the event where i asked about bringing a table. See, once i start making cards, i’m like an addict and i hate to put my toys away to just pull them out the next day… So I wanted to bring my 6 foot table, but would settle for my card table, and leave everything out and ready!

Luckily the owner of the home had a card table I could use. Well that was cool!

Then my dear friend that I was dragging into this mess, also indicated that she would need a table. A response came back saying there was a big kitchen table, and a breakfast bar and a coffee table – sounding pretty cool… and then that response ended with…  By the way the condo is on the 3rd floor so you’ll have to schlep whatever you bring up 3 flights…

That was indeed the final straw.

My stuff is mostly based on paper. Paper in a group is heavy. Paper tools in a group are heavy…

I have a 4 draw cubby that my dad had to reinforce years ago with super thick plywood and real casters, non of those crappy black plastic wheels..  When i move this thing by myself i usually take out the draws…  (i have so many toys in this thing, just in case i want something, it’s in there, stamp pads, corner cutters, stickers, fancy special paper, glue, paint, and on and on it goes)

And then i have another little cubby with just paper and a paper cutter and a sticker maker and basically i have a bulky hobby.

I know it. I still love it!

I could surely pare it down for a weekend away, but really if i had the time to pare it down and figure out what i wanted to do for my craft weekend, then i wouldn’t need a craft weekend! I like to have options!

So – long story longer…  I declined that weekend and started my own, at my house!

I have no rules, just come and craft, or chat or whatever (ok, well no kids)

Bring something to eat for dinner Saturday night. I’ll over cook – like i always do, so everyone knows they wont go hungry.

We do mani-pedis if we want, we’ll watch chick flicks, we’ll chat, and snack and eat and enjoy each other’s company!  (oh and drink wine too!)

But, yes, i took my ball and went home!

I think it will be a fun time and hope to get some cool output form 2 full days of crafting!


2 thoughts on “I did take my ball and go home!

  1. I don’t blame you one bit! Heck, I want to come to your craft weekend! Unfortunately, the commute is a bit far… Let me know when your weekend is and I’ll craft from here – complete with an ice cold frosty adult beverage in one hand. :-)

  2. I think this sounds totally warranted! Sometimes you gotta do what’s best for you! And I’m sure it’ll be a fun weekend!

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