Don’t tell me what to do

Since, i think birth, i’ve been unlikely to do something someone commanded me to do.

Recently a weird confluence of events lead me to want to pull a – “forget it, i’m taking my ball (or frying pan) and going home” moment.

A girls weekend was set up – started by a friend of a friend – so obviously there isn’t much say on my part. I almost took the whole project over when the ball was dropped, but then it was picked up again, so i stashed my ideas for a later moment.  (and don’t worry, I’ll do it better next time…)

The weekend was finally set up – i received a notice indicating what i needed to supply. What i was to do and bring. Indicating that the host had a specific “dietary need” as well as a vegetarian and i was to bring a dish for dinner on Saturday that met these qualifications. And i was to also do a chore before i left. (really – how old am i, would i not leave someones home cleaner than when i arrived if i was a guest…) Hmmm…

Obviously this set my hair on fire.

I love to cook! Love to provide nourishment to others – so to be limited and forced to supply something specific grrrr…

Had the request comes as that – a request to help respect others desire to remain meat free and to keep healthy I totally would have respected it. As the hubby would say – being a vegitarian is a life choice not a dietary need – especially when one eats seafood…  Sigh.  (i have a number of vegetarian friends that don’t put their life style out there like a badge of honor, simply lead a life style that suits them…)

I was also annoyed when I realized this command to follow this person’s dietary needs did not take into account any one elses. Perhaps she could have asked if i had any issues or the friend i was bringing had any issues.  (my friend also happens to be vegetarian – thankfully…)

I love eating vegetarian meals (tofu, temphe, veggies, etc), so i don’t have an issue with it, but I do have an issue with being TOLD what to do…  (last time I was tasked with an appetizer with these same “restrictions” it took me hours to find a recipe – although i limited myself with an eggplant and no desire to head to the store… alas it was painful and annoying…)

I guess my main issue is – just ask…  a simple request for help…   but ask…

(I’m positive at this point my mother and sister are absolutely rolling on the floor)

3 thoughts on “Don’t tell me what to do

  1. Uh, yeah. That sounds super annoying. :/

    really, the difference between asking nicely and telling bossily can truly make all the difference in the world!

  2. You know us so well, and we know you so well!
    Ordering a dish is not requesting a dish, which is why I always tell people ..just bring what you want to eat
    and it always works out!

    Think about it…everyone knows that there will be one thing they like! It’s called, keep it simple!

  3. How rude of them to order you to bring a specific dish! Puhleeze! If they have dietary needs, they need to bring their own food!!!
    Gah! I hate people like that!
    And to tell you to do a chore before you leave?? OMG! What are we 12??
    ahem… I’ll go back to my hole now. :-)

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