I’ve always been an avid reader – thanks mom!

I love to read mystery, sci fi, and romance

I love to read at the gym, I love a good ending

What I don’t love – is – re-reading a book

If I know the ending, well, forget it!

So when I’m done with a book, i find a new home for it, either through gifting, paperback swap or charity…

I was out last night at book club (we meet at bars – how cool of a book club is that, i know you’re jealous)

And the waitress noticed we all had a book and that it was all the same book and said “oh, are you a book club, how cool!”

And then she went on to tell us about the book she was finishing and wondering what she wanted to read next…

At the end of the meeting I asked her if she was interested in the book we read and if she wanted mine…

I think i heard a collective gasp from the table that I would actually “give” away my book.

As I was chatting with the waitress, the hubby explained to the table that I leave/gift books everywhere I go!

I’ve given books to airline staff in multiple airports, home for girls in jamaica, and multiple hotels around the county.

The waitress was happy to have a new book, i am happy to share and not have to bring it home. I think it was a win win for everyone!


One thought on “Books

  1. I’m the same way Nicole. I don’t care to re-read books and once I’ve read it, I’m done. I only care to keep a few books, which are mostly reference. The other books on my bookshelf are books that I haven’t read yet. I don’t mind giving away books. I’m happy that someone else wants to read it.

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