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Beer Can Chicken Season!

It is finally Beer Can Chicken Season! I finally got the hubby to clean the grill so we could start enjoying grilled food once again! We started with beer can chicken! Ages ago I got a “head” for my bro-in-law for when he did the the beer can chicken. Recently my mom  got me/us one! I was so excited to get my own!! One awesome thing I found out when I first got into beer can chicken was the vital fact that you didn’t have to have canned beer to do it! Woot! Meaning – you can take good beer and put it into a soda can! How amazing is that?? After i found that i out – was also introduced to brining! So this little chicken was enjoying it’s bath since friday night so it was moist as could be! We also found a great rub for our chicken – a rub we love! Love Rub!! The result was an amazing juicy moist delicious dinner! Hello summer! So excited to get grilling and glad we started with such a great meal!!
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