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  My way of dealing with things that tax my willpower is to avoid then all together! Like Chinese food and Indian food – I just don’t eat there cause both are extremely yummy and I just can’t stop once I start! I learned the other day or realized that I do the same thing with other things that affect my life. Hubby recently showed me a game called Tower Madness kinda like a mini version of starcraft where you kill the aliens, and you only have guns. Very very addictive! I have a weird idea of “winning” as in – if any of my sheep were stolen by the aliens I do not consider that  win, alas, hubby has a different view and since he plays more games is just better at them than me…  So I started getting sucked into this game, I would play on the couch, in the restroom, at parties, at the bar, even at the gym – which was actually the best cause 40-60 minutes would pass and I would have no idea! So I had enough, first I “limited” myself to just playing at the gym, but that didn’t work, so finally one day while I was hanging with some friends at the bar and I was playing it..  I decided enough was enough and I deleted it! Yup – all gone! So I have now expanded my “willpower” premises to other areas of my life. If I can’t hack it in small chunks, get rid of it!
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