Who is most likely to leave the nest?

Hubby and I discussing how families tend to have 1 child that “flies the coop” while the rest tend to stick close to home.

Both the hubby and I have sisters that stuck with the rents, while we did not.

We then went thru all of our friends and most have the same thing, 1 child leaves the rest tend to stay put.

We had only 1 example where all the kids left home.

We were wondering if others saw this same trend and what their opinions were.

We figured out thru lots of research – basically just looking at ourselves…  That it didn’t seem to be first born or last born, male or female…

3 thoughts on “Who is most likely to leave the nest?

  1. I’m hoping that they both come home after some time away to see the world…
    Dad is looking forward to seeing you next weekend – providing his SouthWest plane is intact…

    • I used miles, he is on fronteir! Fingers crossed the animals on the tails don’t get hungry and bite a chunk out of the planes though!

  2. Empty Nest
    Your father left, the rest stayed….2cnd youngest
    Your uncle Paul left, the rest stayed…youngest
    Marc left, the rest stayed……2cnd oldest
    If I think of any more, I’ll let you know!

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