Karma Points

This weekend I enjoyed giving back by Volunteering to provide lunch at the Ronald McDonald house here in Denver.

It was supposed to be an Alumni thing, but alas the alumni association wont give me the email of the local alumns and take forever to send out info… so i had to beg and plead and get my friends to fill in!

It was a great day! We went with easy – pasta, meatballs and sauce, salad, bread and desert!

We arrived at the house and it was a beautiful location – full of comfy chairs, friendly faces and huge kitchens!

We were on the 3rd floor and had use of an enormous kitchen – 2 full stoves, cabinets full of tools and pans etc!

We prepped our meal – they have a weird rule about no “outside” prepped food – which i find weird! But i guess next  time i’ll just come down at the butt crack of dawn, pop everything into the crock pot and let it do it’s thing for the day!

The families seemed grateful to have a nice meal and that made us feel great. what didn’t feel great was the food that was wasted and the fact that one family came in at 12:40 (long past the noon lunch time) and there was not any food left for them (which made me fell bad, but the cranky mom nixed the guilt since she was snippy and 40 minutes late), but the amount that we threw in the garbage would have been great for them… (i know, i know i’m there to do a good thing, but it still annoyed me to see it wasted)

I wonder if next time i could dish it out and tell them to come back for seconds… that seems bad, eh?

We had the opportunity to chat with a gal from new england who was there because her sons’s twins were born early. She was very grateful for all that she received and mentioned she would be giving back when she got back to Vermont. It was very neat to hear how her time was! We later met her son and daughter in law as they popped in for lunch. That is one of the great things about meetings the families, hearing how all of this can help them out!

So i got a couple karma points, cleaned up a kitchen better than i would my own, and felt like maybe we made a little difference for a family to 2!

So if you have a chance, consider donating your time time and some food! We got lots of thank yous! Yeah!

One thought on “Karma Points

  1. Sounds like it was a success!
    Sounds like a fun thing to do, with friends

    Too bad they won’t let you leave the left overs in the refrigerator for a midnight snack, or in case someone is late!
    I hate to wast food :-)
    Glad you got rounded up some volunteer helpers and it turned out well!

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