Happy Easter!

Earlier this week some friends and I had our second annual Easter egg coloring evening!

I always loved to do it as a kid and have tried to do it as often as i could as an adult!


We enjoyed a great night together got to be artistic and silly and…

Today we are having another Easter Brunch for the orphans and not so orphans hanging around!

I’m not going with anything new this year – food wise – made my mushroom fritata (which is sitting in the fridge waiting to be put on the counter), the potato is currently boiling for a spanish tortilla, the sausage and egg is ready to be put into a breakfast braid, the orange juice is made. I found some almond champagne – not our Wilson Creek that we love so much, but hopefully just as good. Also grabbed a bottle of prosecco to try that in mimosas as well! Looking for a glass of mimosa in my hand and not being in the kitchen – although I’m not sure I’ll be able to sit and chill… we’ll see!

It’s not a fabulous day outside, but it will be one of full bellies and good friends in a couple hours here at the Wilker Abode!

Hope everyone else has a day of food and treats and fun!