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The Unit by Ninno Holmqvist book report

This was another book club book choice. The exerpt looked good so i was excited to get to read it! Premise: Everyone over the age of 50 (women) and 60 (men) that have not “contributed” to society – aka – had children, were famous etc are place in a place where they are used in experiments, have their oragans used for productive member’s of society, and all in all just survive until they outlive their new “usefulness” Makes one think and ponder the ideas… The book was great until the end… AT which point there was a very quick left turn and then u-turn and it just didn’t add to the path of the book. It seemed like just a quick weird way to get to the ending, and an even unnecessary segway… All in all the story was engaging and intriguing, and i hope to have an amazing conversation during book club!
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Sounds like an awesome book! Reminds me of Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro, which I LOVE.

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