Run the Republic – 2nd year

This year I again decided to “Run the Republic” – a 56 flight jaunt to the top of the tallest building in downtown Denver.

I trained a little less hard this year, and used the same “soundtrack” as last year, so basically ended up with the same results – ok, my sorry butt was 20 seconds slower – boooo….

13:48 was my time – obviously i’m not ashamed of my time, but wished i had done better!

I love this event, cause i don’t run. I can run from things, but i don’t run for things. So this type of race is right up my alley!

I do not like the smoker’s cough i gain from this event – but this year it only lasted a couple days.

That lovely copper taste after you cough is only a little disconcerting! And now that it’s gone i don’t really have to think about the damage i might have done to my own insides competing in this little event and of course will do it again next year.

My new goal is to eventually do this race in Chicago – their building is 80 floors or so – that would awesome – so i say now, not when I’m doing Darth Vader breaths in the stair well of the “smaller” 56 flight race!

Anyway – I raised $140 for the American Lung Assocaition and although not fabulous, a good result all in all!

Here i am “before” the race – i know, sexy as can be – i need to have my “headband” cause i’m a “sweater” when i exert any amount of energy, so this keeps my eyes clear!

And yes my number is 11 – i was the 11th person to sign up for the race – yeah me!

And a special shout out to all my peeps that donated to the race! It meant a lot!