Gourmet Food Tour

Last year we obtained a set of groupon tickets from a friend for a Gourmet Food tour around Denver.

Hello – walking around our city and eating – for free- yes please!

We finally were able to get a date in February but wouldn’t know our “destinations” until we met up with our guide!

She was a bubbly little spit fire, and i was excited to see what she would be showing us!

When we arrived we heard our destination:

Brava Pizza – a new “traveling” wood fire pizza oven that was currently stations on 16th st mall (amazing – he could cook a pizza in about 90 seconds… holy)

Biker Jims – i’m always up for gourmet sausages (we’d been here before, but that was ok – we learned that Biker Jim used to be a repo man, and the secret ingredient to carmelize the onions was <redacted>!) I love the spicy ones, and he tops them with the caramelized onion and cream cheese – sounds weird but it is devine!

Amore – a gelato place we visited during the summer when they opened, but this time we got to go behind the counter, and try EVERY flavor and then make our own cup-o-gelato! Oh yeah!

EVOO – our final stop was an olive oil/vinegar store. And that description does not do it justice! This place was amazing – i was pooped by this time, so didn’t enjoy it was much as i should of, but they have an amazing amount of olive oil and vinegars for sale – not infused, but flavored. OH MY! butter, Cajun, herb-ed, sesame etc etc etc. And same for the vinegars – peach, raspberry, ginger, and on and on! We did leave with 1 bottle, and oh do i wish i had unlimited cash to take home all the flavors! The cool part was you didn’t dip anything to taste the flavors, you just drank a little – oh wow – how cool!

All in all it was a very fun tour, and if we have visitors in town, we’ll probably take another tour with them at some point!