My First Opera

I was invited but a friend to go with here to see an Opera. At first i was afraid, i was pretrified…  Just kidding, i just hadn’t ever been to one and the streotypes of it being stodgy and boring, and…

I told her i wasn’t sure if i liked operas, so if she knew someone that liked it more, she should take them!

She said she had been known to fall asleep during boring ones and that she just enjoyed the singing and scenery.

So friday night off we went to enjoy high society!

The tickets were a perk of her job, so we had no idea where we would be sitting, assuming nose bleeds and correct in that assumption.

We arrived at our seats to find them already occupied by an older couple that had no intention of even considering that their tickets might be wrong.

Being easy going gals, we asked the usher what we should do – apparently “double booking” was happening more than they were liking. So we waited… And waited…

Eventually the “manager” came to us and said she was terribly sorry and would it be “ok” if she gave us Orchestra seats.

Snickering internally we said, that would definitely be fine.

So we ran down the 3 flights of stairs, and found our amazing Orchestra Center seats! Take that old stogies up in the sky. I was hoping they could see us clearly!

This Opera was called Rusalka and sung in Czec – oh…

The Denver Opera House has been re-done and they have sub titles on a screen at your seat – so that was cool!

A little discom-booberating to look down at the words, then up at the screen, then down then up… But I also figured out, they only decided to translate about 50% of the words cause they were singing for a really long time before that little screen switched to a new sentence!

The story was definitely more “risque” than expected, innuendos, talking about “womanly passions” and “being lovers”. Tee hee. Yes, i am like a 5th grade boy!

All in all, it was definitely not an exciting story – it’s the “original” little mermaid – done around 1901…

The “evil” princess – had the most amazing voice. I felt the vibration in my chest. That was really cool.

Being that close we were able to actually see them belt out the sounds. So great! What strong abs you have!

Czec like russian or korean – is not a pretty language – but it was still awesome to see it performed.

And to know that some of these singers were not Czec speakers, so they had to learn to sing in a new language. I guess as a layman i would compare it to learning La Bomba when i didn’t know spanish! I could definitely sing the whole song, but no idea what i was saying! But to know when to add the emotion etc etc etc…  Wow!

It was a fun evening, I got to see a type of Performing Art i had never seen before with a friend i don’t get to see enough of!


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