Making my own Vanilla!

I saw an article or something about being able to make your own vanilla and it ended up being less than 5 cents a use, so figured I’d give it a shot…

I couldn’t find the original directions but i did find one here

I got 3 Madagascar bourbon vanilla pods (don’t go asking me what that all means, it was the cheapest ones!), a bottle of pretty good vodka (guy at spice store said i should use Everclear – i decided to start slow!) And a clean bottle, and…

Went to work!

Per the instructions, cut the bean open except for a little bit at the top.


Fill it with Vodka!

As time goes own, it supposed to get darker and more vanilla-ie!

This is the color after 1 day

This is the color after 4 days!

It should take 8-10 weeks to be “usable”

According to the recipe i decided to use, you just keep adding vodka as you use some!

I’m excited – i’ll keep you posted with more pictures and how it ends up!