Life before twitter.  (LBT)

I decided today, well i guess i came to the realization today (officially), that my life before twitter was a much happier time.

Twitter allows instant response, comment, or betrayal.

Over the year maybe – oops…  just checked on how long have you been tweeting – it is almost 2 years… wow

Over the last 2 years I’ve been noticing “tweets” that set my hair on fire, hurt my feelings, make me feel left out, make me feel inadequate, make me wonder who these people think they are, and in all just don’t leave me feeling happy.

On the flip side I’ve also seen pictures of cute animals, found out about new babies, learned of friends getting new jobs, had something to do cause someone was having a happy hour – right then, and all in all, had some happy times.

But, just like some things in life, the bad seems to outweigh the good.

The bad makes me feel bad. It was a much simpler life when people had to work to insult you, harass you or yell at you.

Instant response is just that instant. Leaves no time for second guessing yourself, or how your actions will affect another.

I make sure all my important stuff has my name on it, my blog, my twitter account etc. I always think about how what I write will or could come back to me…  I take a second or a minute or a day or even longer before i post something possibly detrimental to me or someone else.. I kinda wish that sort of delay was back in place in the world we live today!

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2 thoughts on “LBT

  1. I joined twitter this summer after resisting it for a long long time and though I’ve never had anyone say anything insulting, I’ve definitely had the experience of feeling left out. People do need to remember that behind a twitter handle there are actual PEOPLE with FEELINGS. Not just robots.

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