Book Report – Wonder Boys

I joined a book club, I do this every once in a while so i can expand my reading repitiour beyond romance and mystery novels!

My only time to read is on the Elliptical and i need something to entertain me while i chug along!

Anyway – the group picked Wonder Boys by Michael Chabon


The first page was absolutely amazing! The imagry, verbiage, word choice was all fabulous…

And then…

The main character is a womanizing, self centered, pot head who meanders thru the book managing to mess everything up and still come out with most people thinking he was redeamed. It angered me to have to read about what a jack-ass he was.

The meandering story line got annoying and weird. I’m sure there was symbolism but by the time we got near the end, i jsut wanted it to end. SPOILER: When he had his out of body experience when he was falling i really wished he had died.. I know, that was mean, but i just wanted it to end!

I did enjoy the Korean Jewish family Seder, and the Transvestite with the little poodle!

Obviously i was in the minority when we all met to discuss the book, so i just listened and wished to some small degree that i wasn’t as pessimistic as I am!

I’m interested to see if some of Chabon’s other books are more enjoyable, but I also hate wasting my precious hour a day on books that i personally distaste! (Actually i was so, not into this book that i wasn’t even able to read it at the gym, i had to make time at night to get thru it!)


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