Thoughts on the Disney Meal Plan

We got the disney meal plan with out adventure.

I was underwhelmed. It was free and that made it fabulous, but if i had to pay for it i would not.

Our plan was 2 “quick meals”, 1 “snack” and 1 meal per day.

It was always confusing and every time we attempted to eat we had to ask – “what is this?” or “what does a “such and such” entail”

It was very annoying.

And the meal part was weird and confusing too – 2 non-alcoholic beverages, entree and desert…  ugh.

One place was nice enough to allow us to excahnge the desert for the appetizer, but most would not.

All in all not the plan for me, but as i said, it was free.

One thought on “Thoughts on the Disney Meal Plan

  1. I agree that Disney has to do better explaining the Disney Dining!
    You’ll be happy to know that we got it all down pat by the 5th day:-) Whew!

    I thought the two beverages were strange, until I wanted juice and coffee for breakfast!

    I also thought if we were there in the summer in the 90 degree heat the two beverages would make perfect sense!

    I would prefer the option of appetizer OR dessert! If they work on that, I’d do it again! Have to admit that 7 days of free food at Disney is the way to go!

    Since it was a freebie with our Disney Package and made all the great Disney/Epcot restaurants free, I liked it and would do it again!!

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