The computer wont let me…

Recently i went to happy hour with my co-workers at McCormicks.

As usual – i had/needed to leave early to “beat the traffic”.

Alas – at this particular bar, if you cash out with a credit card, the rest of the bill has to be paid in one fell swoop.

Meaning, if i wanted to buy my 4.95 glass of wine on my discover card (i used the last of my cash the night before), and leave, everyone else is forced to only use one additional credit card to close out the account when the time comes. Sigh.

I say – bull-monkey. This establishment should get a real computer system that allows multiple transactions. Alas our server did what she could but that meant everyone was cashed out and got a receipt at that moment. They could stay, and get another bill, but basically what the establishment did was cut her earnings, because once everyone had to cash out, they decided to leave.

Brilliant move  on the establishment’s side, i must say.