Xmas 2010 – Disney World – Christmas Day!

Our final day with the family was Christmas Day itself.

We got up just as Santa was flying overhead to get to breakfast across the park at the Grand Floridian!

The location was gorgeous, the family was all together, and the meal was very good!

This was where our vacation ended for me and hubby. :(

We all said our farewells, the family off to Animal Kingdom and me and hubby to check out and another quick jaunt around Epcot!

It was sure nice at Epcot – it was deserted! Everyone else in the entire park seemed to be at Disney World – so that was a nice treat for me and the hubby!

Unfortunately taking Disney Transport takes a very very long time. They cover a number of hotels per bus, and you need to be ready to go over 3 hours before your flight. Ugh.

We got home late on Christmas time, got lots of kisses from the puppies and tried to put the house back together from the damage the boys have created!