Xmas 2010 – Disney World – Day 3

Christmas eve in Disney World.

Strange, but fun!

We spent the day in Epcot again! We slept in a bit and headed over a little later ! Yeah!

We decided to take the boat over to Epcot! I’m sure it took 3 times as long, but it was like going on another type of ride!

We took it easy and enjoyed the park. Took in a few more countries, rode Test Track, saw the awesome aquarium included in the Nemo ride!

Then it was time to head to our “Christmas” dinner – on Christmas eve!

Christmas dinner we spent in Downtown Disney!

We all enjoyed the time, maybe not the meal, but happy christmas time!

After our meal we hung around enjoying the music and the decorations!

After our bus ride back my sister and I raced to Epcot to take a ride on “Soaring”. One of my favorite memories is us running down the doc to catch the boat to Epcot, we started giggling and couldn’t stop as we were running! I’m sure it makes no sense reading it, but it was a special silly time for us!

My sister totally enjoyed the ride, and we got plenty of exercise running across the park and fighting the crowds to and from the ride!

Shortly before dinner the hubby and I enjoyed a beverage to ring in the eve of Christmas!

Definitely weird to be in such an out done place right before christmas!

We snuggled in for a quick sleep before an early breakfast on Christmas Morning!