Marmelade Curry Chicken – Crockpot

I love A Year of Slow Cooking blog!

I’ve gotten some serious yummies from this site!

Last night I subjected the hubby to one i had tried before for a girl friend

Marmelade Curry Chicken

When i made it last time I used a fancy bottle of marmelade – don’t do that. Get the garbage stuff, full of sugar and nummies!

I upped the cayenne and sprinkled red pepper flakes in mine!

I used frozen chicken and only did 2 breasts, since there are only 2 of us!

I tried to thicken the sauce, but it didn’t work out too well… also i wanted to eat NOW vs waiting for corn starch to kick in!

I’ll be eating this for left overs for the next 2 days!

I’d also suggest if you have picky kids or hubbies – strain the “stuff” before serving the sauce with the chicken!