I guess i sorta dropped out of the world. I didn’t feel i had anything interesting or that i wanted to share…

In october our dear precious bubbah phillip passed on. It was a hard decision, but we finally decided on the quality of life factor vs our need to have him with us as long as possible!

Sweet precious boy

The days and weeks after his passing were very hard. We missed the pitter patter of his gigantic feet, the smiling face when we came home or as we left, the pittiful little face when he wanted on the couch or the bed…  It was just so hard.

So we decided to rescue another 4 legged creature and add to our family and home.

I checked out pet finder looking for a french bulldog – that was what john and i decided we wanted as our next baby.

I came across a set of twins that just needed someone to love them. They were labeled as Chihuaua/French Bulldog mixes.

We went and met them and knew on the way there that they were coming home with us unless the shelter people said no. Well they didnt’ say no! They said take them home and love them. So we got 2 new babies on November 14th!

I’ve started a blog for the boys – so i wont post too many annoying dog stories here!