Fried Egg Samiches and memories…

Fried egg sandwiches…

Brings back memories of my mom and sister hanging in the kitchen, making lunch. I never partook, they were always “gross”.

Over the past couple years, i’ve gotten a taste for these little wonders…  Of course mine is with fat free cheese and low cal english muffins, but every time i fire up the pan and toast the muffin i get a little glimmer of a time when we were all in one house, enjoying lunch in the little kitchen.

2 thoughts on “Fried Egg Samiches and memories…

  1. There is nothing better than a fried egg sandwich!! It’s quick and yummy.
    You can have a runny middle, our favorite…or cook it solid, yuk.
    Tastes so much better when it drips all over the place! And of course if you lived at our house you put ketchup on it! Didn’t matter if you put your gorgeous fried egg on bread, toast or English muffin! It was all good
    So glad you discovered how good they are!

  2. It’s about time!
    Oh – those are so yummy… I must have one this morning!
    When you come to visit, I’ll make ’em for you and mom in my little kitchen and we can make some new memories!

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