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The above were the results of a craft night the tuesday prior to the big day! We had our friend Jake and Talia over to enjoy the night!! Talia is a wonderful artist, so she made some great eggs! We decided to host East Dinner for some of our friends! It got a little out of control and I hate for people to not have somewhere to go for a holiday so I ended up with 16 people RSVP’ed yes to dinner and then 2 more added on… oh my! The eggs above were sacrificed to become deviled eggs to feed the people!! This was one of my babies! I started with rubber bands over it, then into the marbleizing bath (vegetable oil on the dye bowl!) Dinner was fun and yummy! I did most of my cooking on Good Friday – i got the day off from work! I made mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, mocha fudge, banana bread, polenta lasagna (1 vegetarian, 1 meat) That left only deviled eggs, topping for the casserole! I ended up putting the mashed potatoes in the small crockpot and the sweet potato casserole i split between 2 bread pans, and put 1 pan in the big crock pot while the other one cooked! – yes i am brilliant!  ;) Our friends donated some amazing food to the meal – asparagus, lemon squares, cupcakes, coffee cake, dips and chips, fruit mixture, asparagus souffle, and more! We had a very enjoyable dinner!
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