Run the Republic

A couple of Sundays ago I partook in a “race” to the top of the tallest building in downtown Denver.
It was an amazing experience!

I trained last year, but didn’t actually register to “compete”. This year i decided in January that i would do it! That gave me about 2 months to get into condition.
I can usually do the stair machine in the gym for an hour, so i knew i could complete the task, I just hoped i didn’t embarass myself with a slow time.

I started up-ing the ante for my workouts to make sure I could do it!
Too quickly race day was upon me – i was nervous and excited and scared…
We walked down to the building – so i could have some “warmup” time. Hubby was an awesome supporter!
We got there super early – like an hour and a half before my slotted time.

I picked up my donation raising prize – i had qualified for a wind breaker! I gave cookies to all the people that donated!
Next year I’ll start baking earlier and maybe do a dinner to raise funds!
The funds are for the American Lung Association. I figured since both my parents were and one still is a smoker it was a pretty good cause to raise funds for! I was also raised in that same house with my parents, so if there are any long lasting second hand smoke effects, that money will go to a good cause – me!

I waited around with my hubby and met up with my team mates – which i met on Spark People, and finally it was time for me to do the climb.
My heart was racing, i was excited, and nervous and scared…  still…
I lined up to go – my foot on the line, the giant timer ticking off in front of me…  And then…  The race coordinator taps my shoulder and say – GO!
And I’m off…  running up the stairs…  DAMNIT – why did i run? Now I’m on floor four and wheezing as i plod up the stairs…  Darth Vader has got nothing on me!
I am determined to not stop, nope, not gonna stop till i see the top. And i didn’t! I definitely was not going the speed i wanted, but i was not stopping.
Next year, unless i train running, i wont be running up those stairs or off the line!

It was exhilarating to be in the stairwell, step, step, step… I was doing it, i was going floor by floor, get closer and closer to the 56th floor!  (well 53, but we started 3 floors below street level)

I was able to pass a couple people, i was also able to push a couple people that were resting to keep on going, to make it to the top!

As we reached the top they snipped off our fancy timer chip from our shoe and some really cute fireman gave each of us a medal for completing the race! We each got a bottle of water and spent the next couple minutes attempting to regain lung capacity!

I didn’t stay at the top too long knowing that my dear hubby was awaiting my triumphant return to the first level!

It was really an amazing thing – i felt fabulous knowing that i was able to do it, i was able to reach the top, not stop and make it in under 15 minutes! 13 minutes and 23 seconds! Woohoo!  Next year – faster!!

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  1. Congratulations, that is awesome :)

    Thank you for your comment on my blog, I’m so happy you want to join in the Postcard Exchange. I was looking for an email to contact you but I can’t seem to locate one, can you email me at bourlandcs [at] msn [dot] com with your address so I can send you the postcard?

    Have a great night :)

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