What to do on the boat…

So in theory they always rant about how much there is to do on a cruise, cause it is like a floating city. ok…
This is where i spent time…  (I’m sure there were more things on the boat, but this is what comes to mind)
The Gym:
I partook of the gym every day except the day we went to visit the ruins. There was a nice range of equipment, towels and a water spigot!
The weight machines were pretty good and there was a nice stretching area. I enjoyed my work outs each day!

The spa:
It looked pretty darn cool and if i was rolling in the dough, I totally would have taken advantage of all the deals they had!
The first day if you booked right away it was 20% off. And by the end if was just amazing if you combined services. Alas with the cost of everything else, i refrained, and it is probably a good thing i did! You could partake of the sauna and steam room at anytime too. Nice perk!

Scavenger Hunt:
The first day at sea they had a digital scavenger hunt put on by the staff. I was solo, but figured it wouldn’t be any big deal. Luckily i was alone and this other cute couple from england had no camera so when they suggested teams it all worked out! They were great, willing to do anything, and just make the whole thing a blast!

Second City:
This was by far the best show during our time on the boat! The group was super funny, kept up with current events on the boat and kept me rolling the entire time.


This was the “fake cirque” show. For me, i felt it was a waste of my time. I’ll say i’m a princess and have seen cirque at least 5 times, so to experience a bad knock off was not my thing. Others in our circle thought it was amazing.

Cruise Directory Comedy Show:
Unfortunately i found his humor lacking and left in the first 10 minutes.

The group was here every night. And i mean every night. I’m not a huge karaoke fan, so i went to bed a couple of the nights.
The fella that ran the machine was a saint, and one night stayed more than an hour over the end time!!

Champagne Charlies:
There was a lounge above the main fancy area on the boat where nightly there was live singing with a piano. We visited here most every night. The bar tender there was a doll. He always was happy to see us and remembered that we had a wine thing and would go get them whenever we wanted!

The Galaxy of Stars:

It was where most of the shows were, but there was also an amazing seating area right at the front of the boat! It was such an amazing place to sit and watch the ocean at night! There was also a staircase to go see the captain steer the boat!

The deck:
The promonade deck had a walking track that was a 1/4 mile long.  We walked it a couple times. It was pretty cool – it went through a closed part of the boat, it was neat.